So who is this Rucheli woman anyway?

Born and raised in a reform Jewish family in the sprawling suburbs of South Florida, Rucheli has always juggled a wide variety of interests and passions. There was never any doubt in anyone’s mind, though, that science and technology was where she would make her impact. Perhaps not surprisingly, she swore off religion entirely during her college years while pursuing a degree in engineering, declaring that she had far more important things to contemplate than a “made up G-d”… like quantum physics and calculus.

That is, until she met Chabad on Campus.

A long and exciting journey began, including entirely too much time at the Chabad house, a hard-earned degree, a year abroad in Jerusalem, a rekindled soul, a match made in heaven, an adorable son, a (hard-won) fight against depression, a beautiful daughter, and a fantastic job at one of the most influential tech companies in the world.

The adventure is really only just getting started though, and you’re invited to join for the ride.

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